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Suzhou Large Animal Research Facility

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State-of-the-Art Facility

Large animal, preclinical safety testing for your medical device may be required. We work with you to identify requirements and to design screening programs to ensure that your device is ready to advance to human trials and subsequent clinical use.

Two fully equipped Surgery Suites with up to 4 table capability per room, Multimedia A/V capability

One Angiography suite, modern multimedia operating room

State-of-the-art equipment: GE Optima IGS330 Fluoroscope, Plasma Sterilization, modern patient/anesthesia monitoring systems, embedded Modern audio/visual system, etc.

GLP testing to meet global registration needs

Dedicated senior surgical team

AAALAC Accredited

Preclinical Research and Development

Designing the study (GLP or non-GLP), developing appropriate surgical models, generating protocols, performing projects, analyzing data.

Product Evolution

Understanding GLP needs (customer: R&D + regulations) before testing, modifying surgical model, expanding product capabilities.

Post-Marketing Product Training

Client based surgical training of physicians in the use of client’s products. Four-table O.R. Suite with qualified staff to assist your trainers, which allows for simultaneous training sessions. Modern audio/visual system for viewing of the training sessions by others in the room not actively participating in the procedures.