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Webinar: Biocompatibility Evaluation of Medical Devices for Global Registration

Sep 4, 2020 | Regulatory

When preparing your medical device for a global submission, there are many factors to consider from developing a testing plan to keeping up with regulatory standards and much more. While it can be daunting to move forward with a global submission, there are resources and partners that can support you from start to finish, ensuring you are taking the right steps to achieve success.

In this webinar, Dr Bob Przygoda, Research Fellow at Adventure Biocompatibility Consulting, takes a deep dive into the global submission process. As an active member of ISO committees in addition to extensive experience in the medical device industry, Przygoda brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to this topic and provides valuable considerations for anyone considering a global filing strategy. 

Przygoda explores how data and test plans are utilized, leveraged, and adjusted for regulatory bodies, as standards and regulations continue to evolve. He also walks through a global submission case study, starting from initial submission, and going all the way through to the first round of required changes and updates. Following the product cycle provides an opportunity to learn about potential challenges that may face your device and how to avoid or overcome them.

If you are considering a global filing or anticipate adjustments to your current strategy, this webinar will provide insights to help guide plan design, and decision-making, to support your submission. Watch the webinar here.

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